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The application support more than +25 manga sources from different famous websites, and from different languages, that offer more than +30000 mangas, manhwa and manhua translated for you as fast as possible, taking into account the quality of the translation.
The application offer also many awesame features such as download and save your favorites mangas on your phone to read them later without internet, and keep you always notified about new chapters from your favorites mangas.
So what are you waiting for, join us now.

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First, we would like to start by apologizing for our lack of communication with you guys, since we uploaded the last update of this application a few months ago, we received many requests and bugs to fix, and we listened to all of them and fixed those problems.

But the problem, that play store refused the new update of our application we have been trying to update our app with a new version clear from all bugs and problems with new features for months now, but nothing worked, and finally play store removed our application.

So the solution we reached, since already we managed to build a great fan base for our app for more than 50K users, we will send you guys directly updates for our using a direct link to install it but not through play store, like that we can make sure to make you always updated to the latest version, and that’s what we did.

Earning of our app

Now here the most important subject, if our app is not on play store how can we earn from it, well we can’t, we can, of course, disable our app completely and upload it on another site but for a price, but we don’t want to force you guys to pay us, from the start of the app we received requests from some fans to disable ads for the premium version of the app, so our conclusion we will make the app free for everyone without any ads, and to those people who suggested premium version for the version with no ads, and anyone who wishes to support us, we started a buy me a coffee page, where you can support us here not by force but if you wish to help us and like what we do :

How we can contact you then to send our opinions and bugs?

Well, we have our Facebook page, or our email : [email protected], and finally, for our supporters on buymeacoffe they can directly contact us and send us messages.