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The application support more than +25 manga sources from different famous websites, and from different languages, that offer more than +30000 mangas, manhwa and manhua translated for you as fast as possible, taking into account the quality of the translation.
The application offer also many awesame features such as download and save your favorites mangas on your phone to read them later without internet, and keep you always notified about new chapters from your favorites mangas.
So what are you waiting for, join us now.

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About Us

Are you tired from searching on multiples manga websites without finding the manga you are looking for ? You can't find an application that can support mangas from multiples websites, multiples languages and upload without delay ? Well you are in the right place :D .

Our application offer many awesome and unique features from others application from the same genre, hope you be able to explore them all and give us your feedback, we want to make you happy and keep on developing this masterpiece more and more.

We want to add small notice, that our application is based on the tachiyomi application that the developing team offering as open source application, but just want to let anyone that is a fan of tachiyomi that even if this application is based on tachiyomi there is many different things that we added or removed, and we are looking to develop the application more and more in the future so stay with us, and follow us in this journey.

Download Application

Current version of the application : v1.5

Currently the application is only available to download and install from direct link if the new version didn't work for you you can download the old version for now.
Click on the buttons below to download from whatever method you prefer.

New Version 1.6.1 Old Version 1.1
Application Features

We included the best features just for your.

Fast and easy to use

Easy application with simple, attractive and fast design for your convenience.

Online reading from multiple sources

The application support more than +25 sources from different languages ( Arabic - English - French ).

Light and dark themes

The application support light and dark themes, and you can always switch between them however you want.

Advanced search

The advanced search enable you to search whatever you want in any source or all of them at the same time, whether by tags, name, or date as well as arranging according to popularity, rating, etc.

Categories to organize your library

You download and save your favorite mangas in your library.

Notification system

We will always let you know once new chapter come out from all your favorites mangas saved in your library.

Local reading of downloaded manga

Any manga you download from the application, you can always come back to read it without connection.

A configurable reader

The application support a manga reader, with multiple viewers, reading directions and other settings that you can explore and configure to your liking.

Sources supported

We support multiple sources from different languages.

Make sure to visit and support your favorite sources on their website by clicking on them in the slider below.

Contact Us

You can contact us via the informations below.